April 07, 2009

"Shoot Me Down" -- Lil Wayne (Prod. by Kanye West)

So right off the tip let me just say that this song conjures up some frightening and deeply disturbing memories of this past summer. Shit makes a perfect suicide anthem, that's for sure. I love the production from Yeezy, but more importantly, I'm pretty sure Weezy is about the only rapper that could flow with this song and make it work. Remember, this is VERSE of the day. (BTW, sorry about my absence, but nobody reads this shit so I guess it was no big loss, haha).

Artist: Lil Wayne
Song: Shoot Me Down
Album: Tha Carter III

Now if you let me
You won't regret me
Shit if you let me
You won't forget me
And if you don't then ponder
Hold up
There's a reminder
I ain't kinda hot
I'm sauna
I sweat money
And the bank is my shower
Ha-ha and that pistol is my towel
So stop sweatin me coward
And I would
Die for ours
Ride for hours
Supply the flowers
This is history in the makin
Now shut the fuck up and let me make it"

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