April 02, 2009

"All My Life" -- Jay Rock f/Lil Wayne

Artist: Jay Rock f/ Lil Wayne
Song: All My Life
Album: Follow Me Home

"I was on the block right, wasn't in my right mind
Just a young nigga, hustlin', tryna get mines
Movin' with the 9 double m
Niggas like "You don't really wanna fuck with him"
Yeah, young teenager, 'fatuated with paper
Yeah I had to get it, cause momma, she wasn't able
Black and white TV set, no cable
Forties in the fridge, chicken noodles on the table
I wasn't born with a silver spoon
Child of the ghetto, raised off a different tune
Watchin' Bob Barker in my living room
If "The Price Was Right", I could get you a whole living room
Yeah, them was my gutter ways back in the gutter days
No education, but the gutter pays
Through it all came a long way
From sellin' the yay', fist fights to gun play
Back then"

My new favorite joint. It's been out for a minute but it's my new favorite. I post this, however, because I like how rappers have nothing else to talk about other than how they made it out the hood. Get some new inspiration rappers. That's why I don't understand why people hate guys like Kanye West or Common or Lupe, dudes that truly appreciate moving away from what got them hot to something different, something that continually inspires people to new heights...or at least gives them something new to listen to.

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