November 20, 2008

There are Certain Points in a Man's Life.....

...when you know that the next week is going to be a week to remember.....

So starting Sunday, the greatest week of music this year has seen will be upon us...just to give you an idea of how awesome it will be, check the albums that will be released by the beginning of Tuesday....

Guns 'n Roses: Chinese Democracy (which was supposed to be released in 1993!)
Kanye West: 808's & Heartbreaks
Ludacris: Theatre of the Mind
The Killers: Day & Age

Yeah, four of the best albums of the year will be release on Sunday (GnR) and on Monday (the other three).

So the GnR album is interesting because it was supposed to be released pre-breakup back in 1993. If you don't remember, GnR was once the greatest rock band on earth during the 80's and early 90's. However, lead singer Axl Rose saw different destinations for the band and thus the band split in the early 90's. Fans were left without the GnR album that they were so anxiously awaiting and many believed that it would never be released. Now, a mere 16 years later, the album is officially going to be released. There have been numerous leaks of the album over the years, but the thing fans are waiting for is the actual CD and the artwork and the whole physical possession thing. It's a little looney, but the now 40-year-olds that were in their mid-twenties when the album was supposed to go down, will have something to look forward to. Personally, in 1993 I was 8-years-old and I can vividly remember Slash playing his solo on the side of the church in the video for November Rain. Man, the good days of life....

Then on the Monday there are three albums that will drop that should be interesting and awesome as well. If course, if you are in any way a follower of hip-hop, you know that Kanye's new joint got pushed up a day, from the traditional Tuesday release date. However, the Ludacris album is said by many to be a classic. I have heard some tracks and I have to admit that it's pretty fresh, but I don't know if you could call it classic. For you rock heads, the Killers will be releasing their new album Day & Age also, an album that should set up to be a real show stopper amidst all the craziness surrounding the other three.

So where am I at? Well, let me just say that even though I am severely biased toward Kanye West, I have to admit that I will PURCHASE the other three as well. I have never really been one to just steal music, I have ethics and morals, you know?

I am SOOOOOO excited for the coming week...definitely many reasons to give thanks.

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