November 18, 2008

"Crazy World" -- Young Jeezy

Artist: Young Jeezy
Album: The Recession
Song: Crazy World

"I ain't a Xbox, so why you niggas trying to play with me
I really be the streets, so what you niggas got to say to me
Can't be much, can't be much (why) cause I ain't listening
I just left the hood and I'll be damned if they ain't filling them
Want to see me fall off, guess that's just the way it be
Old school timber beam, them usually that the way it be
And plus I got a driver that get them things from A to B
Soon as you get your money right, they hit you with conspiracy
God damn another trap, I think Bush trying to punish us
Send a little message out to each and every one of us
Real G shit, well that's really unheard of
When you get more time for selling dope than murder"

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