October 28, 2008

"Lavish" -- Twista (Pharrell Verse)

So today's verse is actually a guest appearance. Pharrell is often regarded in many circles as a genius, a production machine, a straight baller. In other circles, a punk, a wannabe thug, and a monotonous producer of the beats. So you either love him or hate him.
I kinda like him. Sometimes he's on his shit, like on this verse from the Twista track entitled "Lavish." Read for yourself and I think you'll agree. Listen to the track because he spits it pretty good.

Artist: Twista f/ Pharrell
Album: The Day After
Song: Lavish (Pharrell Verse)
"Uh, one time for my niggaz on the corner/With the burners on and with the fresh yams in they tube socks/Uh, two times for my niggaz with they hands in the air/Sayin a prayer cause the game left their dude shot/Yes - I know that puzzleNiggaz at each other thinkin they will bust you/The bang is the same even if it's muffled/But the moment so loud when a dead man hug you/He's cold in your arms, but you ain't gon' be foldin your arms/You gon' be lowered in your arms/Cryin to open the jar, and to add injury to insult/You're smokin your life away/Look at me, big car big house big jewels/All that came out my backpack/You ain't gon' do it, it ain't gon' work, you ain't gon' prove it/Even though that hurt, I just skated past thatLook - everybody got dreams about ki's/Chains full of ice with S after the V's/Horse on the hood, a grill full with the B's/Dangling your feet in San Turin-y breeze/Make a virtual picture, and spin around/That ain't it, well fuck it nigga we get it down/Never try to grab your ankle nigga we'll kick 'em down/Focus up, we gotta hit it now/Bruh when your cell goes clink, that's when you forfeit/All them dreams, all that divorce it/You ain't even get to see new mansion and Porsche shit/This dedicated to my man up in Norfolk, locked up"

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