July 05, 2011

This is Justice (Regardless of What You Think)

The prosecution failed her.  That is not the jury's fault.
I don't care what you think.  Casey Anthony is a liar, a slut, a whore and quite frankly a dumb stupid b**ch.  She knows what happened to Caylee. She is in some way responsible for this heinous ending to such a beautiful life.  But let me reassure you...this is justice.  You might not agree with the verdict, but that is irrelevant.  This is how it is.  Period.  Whether YOU like it or not, this is it.  It's over.

Stop for a moment and think of yourself in Casey Anthony's shoes.  You're charged with a crime (in fact, over charged by the State).  Whether you were responsible or not, you are charged with the maximum.  If the state does not present a case that leaves not an OUNCE of doubt in your mind, would you be upset?  Would you be outraged?  If you would, you, my friend, are an IDIOT.  A grade A moron.

I want to assure people that what happened was not cute or funny or anything to scoff at at this moment.  Caylee Anthony was a beautiful and innocent young child who had her life taken from her much too soon.  Casey Anthony might be the Devil incarnate, but she was found not guilty OF THE CHARGES AGAINST HER by a jury of her peers.  That bimbo Nancy Grace might have you now believe that the jury was stupid, incoherent and just plain dumb, but the reality is that these were 12 of the most cognizant people that could have been on this jury.  They spotted the "Swiss CHEESE" that was the prosecution's case and made the right decision.  ReGARDLESS of what you might think, these people were spot on. 

I could go into the reasons that I feel this way.  In all reality, though, there are going to be disgusted people everywhere.  And no matter how illogical their arguments for finding Casey Anthony guilty are, these same people will tinker with emotion again and again.  They will leave all logical thought behind.  Believe me, the prosecution was retarded in this case.  Downright idiotic.  Nothing, not no man, woman, or child, could have been led to believe that this woman "WITHOUT A REASONABLE DOUBT" committed murder in the first degree.  If you believe that she did, you need to get socked.  The evidence was not there.  Again, I'm not saying she isn't guilty of something, she's just not guilty of what that dumb prosecution brought upon her.  Way to go idiots representing the State of Florida.  Y'ALL are some real geniuses tonight.

If you want to blame anyone and be outraged at anyone...blame the prosecution.  Go to Florida and shake these numbskulls until they get it.  Jeff Ashton's EGO proved to be the detriment of this case and nobody should deny the law prowess of Mr. Jose Baez.  You might not like it, but the correct verdict was reached today.  But remember, life in Casey Anthony's shoes will NOT be easy.  That blonde bimbo Nancy Grace might have you believe it will.  But then again, she also declared someone innocent VERY guilty before her day in court.  That, my friends, is the biggest joke of this whole thing.  The media.  The crud.  The ego.  The propaganda and the premature conviction.  We saw it with OJ.  We see it with Casey Anthony.  Maybe next time someone will shut up and let justice be served rather than hindering it with "fantasies."

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