November 29, 2010

Verse of the Day (VOD): Pharoahe Monch - "Desire"

"My book is a ovary

The pages I lust to turn
My pen's the penis
When I write the ink's the sperm
Desire, the fire that ignites the torch to burn
This is not rocket science
This easy to learn
My mic's the gavel
When I talk courts adjourned
Respect, even if you were ashes you couldn't earn (urn)
I embody antibiotics
You are infected with germs
Rap's fatally ill, please get concerned
Players, pick turns to play, get burned
I color commentate the game like chick perms
This is the moment of truth for my opponents & liars
Talk is alone invoke the emotion of black choirs
Fire, you don't wanna get burned like Rich Pryor
Move back, who's that, there, the live wire
You will feel me
You will admire
(My) Struggle
(My) Hustle
(My) Soul, Desire"

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