November 18, 2010

Kanye is BACK!!!!!!!

It's interesting to me to note that there are so many Kanye haters that actually love the dude's music. I understand the hate for the dude, he's constantly wylin and he makes himself look mad stupid all the time. But seriously, how do you like an artist's music whom you hate personally? Is this legal? I mean, think about it. People back in the day hated Ike Turner after people found out how he treated Tina. Back then the internet didn't exist and it took a lot more for people to learn the person behind the act than it does now. Still, people hated the point almost where he had death threats and other threats directed toward him at some point.

Why? He was a jerk. People didn't give two cents about how much good music came from his brain...they hated him. And his music along with him personally.

Today, there are four days left until Kanye West's new album comes out. Some of it has leaked already but the whole thing hasn't leaked yet. It's so sick. The way Kanye takes a totally different approach creates a sort of hesitant curiosity that even the GREATEST of all haters can't get past. Kanye is fresh. Kanye is the dopest musical artist in history. PERIOD. Evidence? People love the music despite HATING him as a person. Similar to a Miles Davis, Ye is demonized all over town because of his ability to not give a sh*t. Cannot wait for the album. It will be INCREDIBLE.

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