October 12, 2009

Who Looks Better Now?

So I wrote this when I was angry about some stuff that went on back in the day. It was a poem that focused on the future that I saw myself in when 23. Funny how writing down the goals can make dreams possible....

"Envy Breeds Hate"
"I know, I'm nothin, I can't fit in with the crowd.
Shoot, I'm lucky if the nerdy girls would let me get down.
I try bein really nice and takin feelings to account,
yet at the end of it all I'm left with little doubt.
Doubt that I can survive, doubt that I can live life.
Constant doubt caused by pain and such a load of strife.
Well let's take a trip and talk about some issues,
about the future of the dude scorin all the tissues.
Yeah this fat kid from a home witout wealth.
I got my ass inside bc I didn't want hit with belt.
But one day you'll see, you'll quit laughin at me
and you'll be sorry that you ever messed with me, Big D
Cause you punks''ll be sad, barely makin money to survive
You'll be on the corner sad, just watchin me thrive.
And you'll talk about how you wish back in the day
you gave me the respect that I deserved every way
But now you punks have taken over and made my life hell
You think you're cool but you are afraid to excel.
So stay stagnant and scared and always be afraid
that the kid you used to punk is now gettin paid!"

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