October 10, 2009

New Format

What up world? This blog has been put on the backburner over the past year because of a little thing called LIFE...and it really wasn't supposed to end up that way. Now that things have settled down a little bit, I hope that the blog catches some fire, some heat, and gives some inspiration to those who become aware of it.

One of the sweeping changes in the blog is that I am going to mix some of my own "verses" in with the other posts so that you have the opportunity to be critical of my work. By no means am I trying to become a seasoned lyricist, but I thought posting my stuff gives you a view of what's relevant in my life.

The biggest thing is ENJOY this blog. Any recommendation should be given without hesitation. And tell your friends. Who knows, one day this could the forum for new rappers all across the country....

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