October 18, 2009

"Kick, Push" -- Lupe Fiasco

The all time skater-nerd-hipster track! This song was dope and was a product of the whole "backpack rapper" movement.

"My man got a little older
Became a better roller
Yea, no helmet, hellbent on killing himself
That's what his mama said, but he was feeling himself
Got a little more swagger in his style
Met his girlfriend she was clapping in the crowd
Love is what what was happening to him now
Uh, he said I would marry you
But I'm engaged to these arials and variels
And I don't think this board is strong enough to carry two
She said Bow, I weigh 120 pounds
Now, let me make one thing clear
I don't need to ride yours
I got mine right here
So she took him to a spot
He didn't know about
Something odd in the apartment parking lot
She said I don't normally take dates in here
Security came and said, "I'm sorry there's no skating here"

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