April 01, 2009

Album Review: "The Last Kiss" -- Jadakiss

Rating: 3 lbs. (1lb=flyweight, 2lb=featherweight, 3lb=lightweight, 4lb=cruiserweight, 5lb=heavyweight)

Yes that's right, 'Kiss is back with another album filled with guest appearances and pop-sounding beats. To be honest with you, I never really liked Jadakiss that much until Kanye was up on the "Gettin' It In" track off the album Kiss of Death. Even in his Lox days I preferred Styles over Jada, but to each his own....

With the track "Letter to B.I.G." coming out months ago, it's hard to say that I found anything on this album captivating. Even now, as I speak to you, the album I'm hearing in the background is just mediocre at best. Now, don't get me wrong, I think 'kiss is one of the dopest flow artists in the game, but his music could be so much better. I guess it's his monotone style that causes my mind to equate him with some whack ass rapper like 50. Then again, I'm a fan of Charles Hamilton and his style is quite monotone as well...so who am I to say? And the worst part? There are times (i.e. Grind Hard f/ Mary J. Blige) when the album sounds like a pathetic attempt to hit that dance groove a la Common's Universal Mind Control.

Should you buy this album? Yes. However, if you've lost your job and have to choose between feeding your fam and buying the new 'kiss album, choose food. There are albums out there that are better than eating when you're hungry; THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

Best Tracks:
Something Else f/ Young Jeezy
One More Step f/ Styles P
Smoking Gun f/ Jazmine Sullivan
Letter to B.I.G. f/ Faith Evans

Whack Tracks:
Grind Hard f/ Mary J. Blige
Death Wish f/ Lil Wayne
Stress Ya f/ Pharrell

The Last Kiss

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