March 31, 2009

"Silly Girl" -- Murs

Artist: Murs (prod. by 9th Wonder)
Song: Silly Girl
Album: Murray's Revenge

She thought that makin me wait, was the way to get me hooked
Now fellas, we all know the oldest trick in the book
What you do you wait around, waitin 'til she breaks down
One day at the crib, she gon' let you break ground
Soon found out she was so real wit it
One year, no love, man who would deal wit it?
Me I fell for it, romancin, financin
A couple years back I woulda told you there was no chance in hell
But oh well, here I was
That's how it be when you're fallin in - umm
I wouldn't say that; maybe it was
Them trips to the gentlemen's club - oh well!
That got me feelin I was givin but I wasn't gettin back
Man that story 'bout that cow and that milk ain't a fact
Cause if you wait too long, the milk goes sour
And I like my love hot, no more cold showers so "

So this verse is fresh because it's funny and true (for both men and women). I mean, like Murs says, oldest trick in the book...then they want you down the road. Two words at that point, "over it." Love Murs' music and encourage everyone to get Murray's Revenge...the entire album produced by 9th Wonder. They have another album together as well, but in my opinion there is no doubt that "revenge" is the better of the two.

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