March 27, 2009

"The Last Lyricist" -- Papoose f/ Big Lou, Busta Rhymes

Artist: Papoose
Song: The Last Lyricist

"No lyrical content just typical nonsense
My mental too complexed to listen to garbage
Every lyric I palm breast he grippin a large tek
And killin you God bless that shit is too far fetched
Givin you are a threat then live it don't talk mess
Niggas in projects ain't feelin you more or less
This hittin your heart yes you miserable or stressed
Get rid of you y'all sets, finish your squad next
Pitiful process with spirits that's part flesh
We rip through your small chest with critical objects
Nigga you waan test the general confess
I'll injure you frauds best in criminal contest
No killa you harmless my birth involves death
Umbilical cords wrecked my little unborn neck
Before I get all dressed in greens and oppress
And walk through the yards vexed I rather graveyard rest"

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