October 24, 2008

Welcome to my World....

Music.  Some say it's the language of love, the soul, life, and death.  Music dates back to the earliest human beings and continues to fascinate, soothe, and bring joy to the soul.  Music is man's best friend, contrary to the belief that the dog is man't best friend.  From the ancient sounds of Beethoven and Bach, to the early 20th Century sounds of Mel Torme, Dean Martin, James Brown, Miles Davis, and many, many, many, more.  We love the sound of our favorite song when we're in the car, in the house alone, with friends, or in the arms of the one we love.  Music is what makes the world go 'round.

My life and your life and our lives have seen their fair share of tragedy, heartache and pain.  Music is there to comfort us in our time of need.  It's there to give us hope and the belief that life will go on regardless of what we endure right now.  As I write this post, I sit in a Big O Tires waiting for my oil change and Three Doors Down comes over the speaker.  Makes me sad, makes me yearn for something, but for what, I don't know.  Maybe it's the type of music that makes me feel what I feel?

Hip Hop.  It's a lifestyle, a swagger, a way of presenting yourself to those around you.  It's a way of expressing what's vulnerable in your own life and what's fucked up about it as well.  Hip Hop is my music, my best friend, my best answer t the question, "Will you be OK?" or "How are you?"  As long as I have hip-hop, life is good, life is endurable, life is worth living.

So please enjoy this blog, dedicated to bringing my favorite verses from hip-hop songs to the fore so that they can be read with the same fervor that they are spit with musically.  Comment, have fun, and make this blog your own.  If there are suggestions or if you want your favorite verse posted, please, go ahead and recommend it.  Most importantly take a moment to understand the underlying meaning of the words themselves.  Truly, rappers are bright, intelligent, and deep human beings (well most of them are, i.e. Soulja Boy).  So enjoy!

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